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I have been riding at Enchanted Stable, and know Helen for over 17 years, She is 3rd generation equine professional who does a wonderful job caring for the horses. They are happy grazing every morning on green grass, the barn and grounds are always keeped groomed and very clean. The horses have customized diets,(No colics) with wonderful shine coats. I show in conformation classes and this is very important, I would recommend anyone showing or pleasure riding to board their horse at Enchanted Stable.
Thierry Niels
17128 37th Place N
Loxahatchee, Fl 33470
It has been almost a year that I am boarding my horse at Enchanted Stable in Wellington and I would recommend it to anyone looking to board a healthy and happy horse.
Helen Fradelakis, the owner, is professional, kind and very knowlegeable in her field and she is always there to help; if you need a new veterinarian, farrier or trainer I can tell you by my own experience that she knows the best ones.
When I go out of town for one day or three weeks I know that my horse will get the best possible care.
I extend my personal thanks to Helen for everything she does to make my time at the barn a daily and very pleasant visit.
Feel free to contact me if you have any question.
Sincerely, Thierry Niels
I won't board anywhere else, My horse gets excellent Care and looks Great!!! Helen is always very helpful
AMAZING place!! Everything is kept in perfect condition and clean! Everyone there is sooo nice and polite. The groom is fantastic, he is alreasy on his way to get your horse before you even have time to set your stuff down. Anyone would be thrilled to board here. Truely a wonderful lowkey place! Owner is so involved and caring, really keeps a special eye on each horses' individual needs. You won't be disappointed!

My family is moving back to NJ. I have so enjoyed FL, and especially living and riding here in Wellington. Enchanted Stable always looks so nice and orderly, as usual. A special thank you to Helen for opening your facility to Luka and me when we first came and landed in the wrong barn. You really saved us.
Best of Luck, Liz