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Sphynx Cats & Devon Rex kitten Purchase Information 
Devon Rex Cats & Sphynx kittens Prices  
Sphynx hairless cats
Devon Rex curly coat kittens
Breeder in Sunny South Florida
Established since 1989 
State of the Art CFA, TICA, Registered NON Cage Cattery
(Cattery of Merit Award) Grand Champion Lines with focus on pedigreed kittens that are healthy, loving, beautiful, rare colors, calico, points, tuxedo, vans, tabby, bi-colors, blue /green eyes and to upholding the top standards of the breeds.



I will be happy to answer any questions or make arrangments for you to visit kittens.
Please email or Call for more photos, information and options on these wonderful
Sphynx and Devon Rex Kittens
* Sphynx Kittens & Devon Rex Kittens cost $1395.00* 
*Kitten comes with a Veterinary Health Certificate*
*Fixed before leaving to their new home*
*Registration Certificate*
*FeLV negative*
*Shot records*
*Fecal test*

To feel completely comfortable *I Offer a Replacement Kitten Guarantee* And will always stay in touch and be happy to answer any of your questions and also provide a kitten contract and kitten coming home information.




You are welcome to use the Debit Card Submit Form,

Sphynx / Devon Rex kitten(s) are reserved with deposit only 

Sphynx Breed
Devon Rex Breed
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Accept Terms and Conditions of Adoraelves Cattery Kitten Contract


(please copy & Paste in email fill in info & sign - send to Sphynxdevonrex@aol.com) 

Pet Kitten Sale Date: _____________

Newborn(_)  Male-(_)_Female-(__)_Color-_ _____         ____ Breed- Sphynx-(___)Devon Rex-(___)

*All kittens delivered under this agreement are fixed, receive all vaccines before leaving for their new home.

* Under no circumstances is this pet to be given, sold, leased, or consigned to any pet shop, reseller, research laboratory or similar facility and will receive proper medical care from a licensed veterinarian, and recommend a exam with in a week after taking kitten home.

* Adoraelves will advise specific diet for kitten to be followed which will maintain the health and vitality of the kitten. In addition we recommend that you provide adequate toys, scratching posts, etc. We are available for advice if you have any problems.

* Adoraelves will provide a Veterinary health certificate, inoculation records and registration certificate with each kitten.

* Adoraelves offers a replacement kitten if there are genetic defects that result in the death up to the kitten's 1st Birthday, Pending availability and upon written necropsy certification by a licensed veterinarian, whose services will be paid by the purchaser.  A replacement kitten of equal value will be provided.

* Adoraelves makes no guarantees or warranties concerning the kitten purchased pursuant to this agreement other than those expressly set forth, and no guarantees or warranties are to be assumed nor are any implied all Jurisdiction authority West Palm Beach Florida.

 *Purchaser bears responsible for acquiring kitten.

 *Contract will be executed upon receipt of Deposit.   *Balance Due when kitten is 8 weeks old*


Print name-_____________          ___
 Address-_ ______________          _ _

 ___________________          ______


Email: ____________       Cellphone_- ____________


Price$_1395.00 incl Tax_Deposit (Non-refundable)$ 445.00 -Balance due M/O or cash - $ 950.00 (all sales are final)
_ Options________________
microchip ($40.00) Yes(__)No(__) Total Due with Options$____________________

Purchaser’s Signature_______          ________                      __(electronic signature accepted)

Helen Fradelakis
 Cattery Owner  sphynxdevonrexkittens.com

 I will be happy to explain options.
 (please use submit form if using Debit card).
You are more then welcome to visit the Cattery
The utmost care is taken in getting you the most loving & healthy kitten 
Adoraelves pet owners are enjoying their Devon Rex & Sphynx kittens nationwide!

Many of my Sphynx & Devon Rex Kittens found homes  Worldwide as well as state wide such as New York, Florida, New Jersey , Carolina, PA